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Film Based- International Education Project




Mission: Inspired by the universal wisdom of Solidarity as an archetype, the Solidarity Project seeks to help strengthen individual young people by helping them surmount barriers of self-doubt in order to unleash and tap into wellsprings of their hidden powers, talents, genius and other abilities for their own self-development, for local and global community improvement, and for human enrichment.


Purpose: The program aims to provide a curriculum that nurtures youth academically, socially, and artistically to become aware of this dynamic universe and their/our respective/collective relationship with it.  It aims to develop youth past possible societal trends of complacency and apathy towards an alive and enthusiastic visioning of possibilities and one’s personal agency and power to feel, act, and create responsibly in the world.  A major aim of the program is to instill the sense that there is value in every experience, every setting, and value in every visual image.  This process of seeing value and appreciating value hopes to be an empowering tool for both reflection and discovery.  The program primarily will use international travel and technical training in film and still photography through models of project based learning as the secondary and tertiary means of supporting the development of our youth as local and global citizens.



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